Professionalism Of Adding Small Office Phone Systems


Large office phone systems are the heart of any business industry; clients and employees must communicate effectively for the best sales possible. However, current phone technology offers so many different features and modules that it can be difficult to sort through the myriad of options. A few key considerations should be evaluated before deciding on a system; many sales can turn sour if a client feels uncomfortable with the level of communication and support through the phone system. 

Small offices can improve their level of professionalism by adding small office phone systems. Though many forms of communication exist for small businesses, a phone call is often the most convenient and easiest way to contact a business. A professional small office phone system can help business owners route calls, handle a large call volume and even host conference calls.

Small Office Phone Systems Suppliers

Business owners are challenged to find a small office phone system with maximum features at an affordable price. Reputable vendors will help small business owners understand the needs of the company before selecting a phone system. Though small business phone systems offer fewer features than larger systems, business owners still have a variety of features available. Many companies offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses manage incoming calls.


Cisco Smart Business Communication System (SBCS) integrates phones and computers to provide a communications system with seamless delivery of integrated voice, data and video. Cisco’s system provides messaging capability through voicemail, instant messaging and email. Audio conferencing and video calling is also available through this system. Business owners enjoy the use of integrated applications such as customer relationship management software and Microsoft Office.

Cisco provides a solution with 24 Internet Protocol phones and up to 12 lines. This is an affordable small private branch exchange (PBX) solution for many small businesses. These solutions provide companies a significant return on investment.


Avaya provides small office phone systems to all types of businesses. As a leader in global communications systems, Avaya strives to provide secure and reliable phone system networks to improve productivity in the workplace. With improved productivity, clients can expect increased profitability and also improved customer relationships. A simple phone system can help business owners build a loyal customer base.

Avaya offers IP communications systems and virtual phone systems for business owners. With voicemail, conferencing and other features, business owners enhance communications with customers. The solutions are affordable and can be instrumental to the success of a small business.


Business owners are always searching for a return on investment (ROI). AT&T offers business owners a viable solution to meet their communications needs. Technical support is also included in the price of the solution. AT&T small office phone systems may be customized to meet the needs of any small organization. Most AT&T solutions are devised to produce productive work environments.

AT&T solutions may include up to four line corded telephones. Multiple calls may be accepted or dialed out at once with this type of system. Mobile paging and conferencing may come standard with an AT&T small office solution. Some business owners may take advantage of the Push-to-Talk functionality and the ability to use cordless handsets with this small office phone system. AT&T often refers to this phone system as SynJ Extendable Range Phone Systems.

Some solutions include the phones and the box in a simple compact solution. Business owners should discuss the business’s needs with an AT&T representative. The representative will help business owners develop a solution to maximize productivity at the office.

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