What Is Social Media MOT & How Does Social Media MOT Work

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Perhaps you have looked at or experimented with, Social Media – you believe it should work but need a bit more help and want to know that you’re doing the right things. Social Media sounds like a great way to increase the number of leads you get – but if you’re really not sure where to start, or which of the many platforms to use (or even how to get the most from them) it can easily waste your time. In fact, you’re not sure how to extract value from this new marketing tool without it soaking up your entire day!

What’s more you’re not clear how this new activity would integrate with the existing business development processes and strategies that you have in place, or who in your team might do the work.The Social Media MOT is specifically designed for ambitious owners of small professional firms who are looking to grow and know they need to integrate social media into their marketing strategy – but beyond that are uncertain.Check For Digital Marketing Services in Vivid Digital

After your Social Media MOT you will have:

A. An understanding of what you could get from using Social Media, as part of your integrated strategy

B. A clear idea of which social media platforms are right for you and your strategy

C. A knowledge of the key success factors for each of the social media that is relevant to you. You’ll be able to put your strategy into place!

D. The knowledge to demonstrate and profit from your firm’s expertise and be seen as the expert in your field. The expert strategy remains one of the most powerful marketing tools around and is enhanced by good social media activities

E. A clear idea of what’s working and not working for you in making your JoinedUp Networking work

F. Clarity on how you’ll integrate any social marketing, into your normal activity – to increase the effectiveness of both

G. Reassurance that you are doing the right things to combine Social Networking with face to face networking, to get real results

H. A voucher worth £250 to spend with us on any of our coaching packages, such as our ‘Go-To Expert’ programme

Just like an MOT for your car, this work will give you the reassurance that you are ‘safe to drive’ or identify where you need extra work to get your Social Networking back on track.When your car has an MOT you have the option to do the repairs on your car yourself, or opt for the garage to do the repairs for you.

After your Social Media MOT you may choose to work with one of our coaches to support you to achieve your firm’s goals, although there is no pressure to do so. If you’re thinking about doing some of the work and getting an outside agency to do some of the social media activity, we may be able to recommend a company help you, or you may choose to do implement them yourself. For SEO Agency in London visit here

1. Arrange a no-obligation 20 minute consultation with one of our coaches:

We will find out more about you and check the suitability of the Social Media MOT and us as coaches for you. If there is a good match, we will invite you to sign up for a Social Media MOT and give you any more details about the Social Media MOT you may require.

2. Decide:

If you decide on the call you want a Social Media MOT we will give you a 10% discount. (The discount is only available for those people who commit to an MOT on the no-obligation consultation)

3. Diagnosis:

The next step is to complete a range of comprehensive diagnostic tools, so that out time together is as valuable as it can be. We need you to complete the tools, so that we can get straight on with showing you what’s right for you, not giving you general advice. We’ll want you to complete our:

A. Marketing Process health check

B, Strategic Alignment test

C, Strategic values and expertise test

D. Social Media profile check

4. Get your results and identify priority action areas with your coach:

The results of these diagnostics, with priority action areas identified, will then be discussed with you as part of your two hour session, delivered by Skype or over the phone, at a time convenient to you. In this session, your coach will help you understand the key social success factors, how to implement then and help you identify your next steps, which may include working with one of our coaches to support you to address your priority areas.

5. Decide

on which of our coaching packages is suitable for you.Everyone who completes a Social Success MOT, receives a complimentary voucher worth £250 to spend on a coaching package* with us. Your coach will help you decide on the appropriate coaching programme you will need to achieve your firm’s goals. A typical coaching package will last six months and cost between £1500 and £4500.

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