Jaguar XE Performance & Price

Jaguar XE Overview

Jaguar has for decades been looked upon as a very niche player and it has been hoping to change that image, to be more accessible and to find more acceptance. It’s not an easy task especially when your product portfolio does not support those aspirations. Finally though, the brand with the leaping cat has an all new car that can reach out to a wider audience. It’s called the XE and it’s the smallest sedan it has ever manufactured to date. The XE is also on its way to India but for it to put up any sort of competition to the other cars in the segment such as the Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it had better be something special. It will have to be priced competitively without commanding the premium that Jaguars do now. That means Jaguar India will need to manufacture the car in India to make it competitive. Jaguar will also need a larger network to reach out to more customers and provide better ownership value. Looks like the roadblocks to a success story for the XE are many. All that however is in the future. Right now they’ve just got back from the Basque region of Bilbao in Spain after having driven the XE with a few questions that needed answers. Jaguar XE On road price starts from xx,xxx,xxx/-. Check for price details of Jaguar XE in CarzPrice.

Jaguar XE Design

Jaguar XE has an agile look and is designed to make it a head turner when it is driven on the road. Jaguar XE features include a length of 4795mm and a width of 2075mm and come with body colored bumpers. The engine grill has a beautiful perforated design that is bordered with a chromium strip and the logo of the company inscribed in the middle. The headlight cluster is big and powerful and are equipped with halogen lamps for the Pure trim whereas, the Portfolio trim is equipped with bi-functional HID Xenon headlamps along with headlamp power wash function. To cool the powerful engine quickly, it has a big black color perforated air dam along with two black color air vents to dry the brakes. Looking at its side profile, you will notice silver encrusted air vents, body colored ORVM caps (with integrated turn lamps) and door handles along with uniquely designed fenders, which houses 17-inch silver alloy rims mounted by tubeless radial tyres. The rear profile of this car reinforces the athletic look of its front. Jaguar XE Colors available in the market include, Ebony Black and Polaris White. If you want more variety, then you have to pay for some other colors like Ammonite Grey, Blue Fire, British Racing Green, Dark Sapphire Metallic, Glacier White, Italian racing Red, Odyssey Red, Osmium Blue, Quartzite, Rhodium Silver, Ultimate Black, Black Cherry, Celestial Black, Ingot, Storm Grey, and Tempest Grey.

Jaguar XE Cabin

In a way, the inside of the car definitely stays in step with the outside. The balanced proportions, clean, strong and well defined detailing on the outside is continued inside the Jaguar XE as well. It’s certainly a cabin I don’t mind being enveloped in. The dashboard, however, isn’t minimalistic. There’s a battery of buttons and dials and various things you press and twist but they are all placed intuitively enough for you to not scramble around trying to find what you need. I do wish, however, there was a slightly more minimalistic approach to the XE interiors given that’s the in thing these days with sister brand Land Rover. Piano black inserts in the centre console spruce up the dashboard but I’m not a big fan of this material since it’s prone to collecting dust, grime and fingerprints.

Standard trim is black leather but you can choose several options to brighten up the cabin. A significant highlight is the wrap-around effect given to the dashboard. A large crease that begins from one door continues around the dashboard and ends up on the opposite door. It’s a signature touch to the XE and looks quite interesting but I do think in certain climatic conditions, the sharp crease on the door will be a bit of a bother, since it’s capable of collecting water if the doors are opened during a heavy monsoon shower.

In Dynamic mode, an LED around the dials glows red – otherwise it has a dull blue burnish to it. The steering wheel design is similar to the F-Type or even the XF. A significant revision to the cabin is that the gimmicky air con vents, which opened up on either side of the centre display when the ignition was switched on, have been taken out and replaced with a more conventional layout. However, the side vents, placed lower than in most cars and whose thick chrome bezels protrude out of the dashboard, might bang into your knee while trying to step into the XE. I’ve seen it happen to two people on the same day and I do believe Jaguar might have a problem with this design.

Jaguar XE Engine

The all-new 2.0 litre, four cylinder petrol unit from Jaguar’s Ingenium family of engines produces power in two states of tune. The Pure and Prestige variants get the 197bhp and 320Nm version whereas the top-of-the-line Portfolio trim houses the more powerful 237bhp, 340Nm version of the petrol unit. Both the engines come mated to an eight-speed electronic automatic transmission with Jaguar sequential shift. The new version of Jaguar’s most affordable offering, the XE saloon was launched in Indian market at the 13th edition of Auto Expo earlier in 2016. With significant changes made to the saloon both on cosmetic and mechanical front, the new XE surpasses its predecessor in terms of performance, looks and fuel efficiency. Apart from the all-new monocoque platform composed of lightweight aluminium, the saloon uses newly developed engine from Jaguar’s Ingenium family of engines, claimed to be fuel-efficient in nature. The saloon is currently available with a petrol engine and the diesel variant is expected to launch shortly.

Technical aid equipped in the new XE for improved performance includes intelligent stop/start, cruise control with automatic speed limiter, torque vectoring by braking & all surface progress control, hill start assist, jaguar drive control, electronic power assisted steering, dynamic stability control & traction control. In terms of mileage, XE saloon is claimed to return 13.5 km/l.

Jaguar XE Rideing

But move into the driver’s seat and the Jaguar XE, true to its promise, is a lovely car to drive. The seating position is just right, the visibility acceptable if not great, and the pedal position, natural and comfortable. The steering is quick and linear and you never end up fighting it. You can also place the car just where you intend to. Now this is an electric powered steering so expectedly it isn’t great on feel. But, it doesn’t take away from the driving experience one bit.The feel and response through both the throttle and brake pedal are well judged too. And it doesn’t matter whether you are driving the petrol or the diesel. Sure, the petrol sounds better, has more go and because it revs higher, it is surely more enjoyable. But, the diesel is no slouch either. It’s not the best when you want to go ballistic on a mountain road, but within city confines and for cruising at three digit speeds on highways, it works well. Both the engines come mated to an 8-speed torque convertor automatic, which isn’t the best in terms of shift times, but because it works so unobtrusively, it’s easy to develop a liking for it.

Dynamics, meanwhile, is where the new Jaguar XE truly shines. It is built on an aluminium-steel hybrid platform with 75 per cent aluminium. Steel has only been used towards the rear of the car to help compensate for the engine weight and give the car a 50:50 weight distribution. And it’s a job well done, for the XE has fantastic turn in ability – it is quick, effortless and precise, and requires very little coaxing at corner entry. The chassis balance and grip around a series of quick and tight corners is superb too. Never does it feel bogged down by inertia when making these rapid direction transitions. It is just one of those cars you get hooked onto so much that you give it a name. View offers on Jaguar Cars from Jaguar dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Jaguar XE Safety

Among the various safety equipment armed in the new XE pedestrian contact sensing, interior door handle with separate locking switch, emergency brake assist, power operated child locks, multiple airbags, passive head restraints, ventilated disc units etc are included. On the outside, XE gets a pair of power-folding ORVMs that can be adjusted electrically. Besides, the ORVMs come with integrated clear lens indicators along with puddle lamps and get heated, electrochromic and memory functions. Rain sensing wipers, heated rear screen, panoramic sunroof with electric blinds are some of the other vital external features. The snug interior gets leather upholstered seats, 10 way adjustable electric front seats, driver’s seat with memory function, multi-function power adjustable steering wheel and fixed rear seat with rear armrest including cup-holders among several others.

Jaguar XE Verdict

Don’t buy the car because you want a good car. Buy it because you like driving. The XE will fill that spot in your heart, the one which makes you happy when you know you are going to drive to work in your XE. Of course, in India, the fate of the XE will be determined by its price and Jaguar’s brand image and network. Its success will not be attributed to the abilities of the car alone. And that’s the only dreadful part I can think of.In a heartbeat. Except I’d opt for the XE 2.0-litre petrol R-Sport with the adaptive dampers. It’s a brilliant car with the potential to open up a whole new world for Jaguar, just like it’s opened up a whole new world for those looking for it.

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