What Is Functional Assessment? & What Is Functional Behavioral Assessment?

Educational Evaluations in US

While tests are an important part of a full and individual evaluation, sometimes what children can do or need to learn is not reflected in their scores. A functional assessment looks at how a child actually functions at home, at school, and in the neighborhood.

Functional assessment for some students includes looking at reading, writing, and math skills. For others, evaluating whether the student is able to ride the city bus, dress independently, or handle money might be more appropriate. For Educational Evaluations in US visit UT Evaluators

When a child has behavior problems that do not respond to standard interventions, a functional behavioral assessment can provide additional information to help the team plan more effective interventions.

A typical functional behavioral assessment includes the following:

A clear description of the problem behavior.

Observations of the child at different times and in different settings. These observations should record (1) what was happening in the environment before the behavior occurred, (2) what the actual behavior was, and (3) what the student achieved as a result of the behavior.

Positive behavioral interventions, strategies, and supports to address that behavior, and to teach behavior skills. For Educational Evaluations visit iftr2015hyd

Once the functional behavior assessment has been completed, the results may be used to write a behavior intervention plan or to develop behavior goals for the individualized education program.

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