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Volvo XC60 Overview

Volvo Auto India has had a very good year in the country this year, especially in terms of the number of new models launched. The automaker began the year with the launch of its S60 Polestar performance sedan in April, followed by the debut of V90 Cross country station wagon in July. It ended this year’s launch schedule with the introduction of the second-generation XC60 SUV for the model year 2018. The premium SUV was launched at a price of Rs 55.9 lakh, ex-showroom, in a single ‘Inscription’ variant that includes the Tech Pack consisting of all top-end features.Check for price details of Volvo XC60 in Fincarz.

Volvo had launched the XC60 globally in 2008, and it has taken the company almost an entire decade to launch a new generation of this model. This is not a negative, as in the case of the XC60, since this model has been the largest-selling SUV for Volvo Cars globally, as well as for the company in India. In fact, Volvo Auto India said the XC60 has accounted for about 30 % of its total vehicle sales till date. The XC60 will be offered by Volvo as a completely built-up unit (CBU), with no plans at present to assemble the vehicle locally in India.

 Volvo XC60 Design

But first, let’s take some time to admire the finer details. This Volvo no longer has the pointy nose of the previous generation. Instead, it gets the new-age Volvo grill which is flanked by sleek headlamps featuring the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ LED DRLs, which extends right till the grille itself. A new touch here is that the bumper features sharper creases towards the end, which add some drama to the front profile. The cornering fog lamps are neatly tucked under the lower lip. This combined with the active bending headlights light up corners while turning at night.

Move to the side a bit and you realise that while the new design is sharper, it’s still the subtlety of the XC60 that makes it look beautiful. The window line now kinks up at the back, making way for a more angular C-pillar. But the body crease still flows straight and goes right into the taillamps. Viewed from the side, the best features though are the 19-inch 10-spoke wheels with their low-ish profile 235/55 size tyres. The tyres used in the XC60 are made by Michelin especially for Volvo, with the addition of a grippier compound to make the car accelerate faster and stop in a lower distance.

Get behind the SUV and the vertically oriented taillamps take you back to the older generation. But, this time around, the units flow into the boot gate. These feature an LED border which adds quite a modern touch. But still, the rear looks typically Volvo — simple, sober and a tad boring. Also, the new XC60 is 44mm longer, 11mm wider and 14mm shorter than the last gen, giving it a squatter stance. This helps the front of the car make a strong impression and gives this SUV an impressive presence. But, as you move to the back, it starts to fade away, just a bit.

Volvo XC60 Cabin

Inside, the XC60 is as comfortable a place to be as its elder siblings from across the 90 series model range. The premium SUV for India features Nappa leather perforated upholstery with heating function for all seats, four-zone climate control system, human-machine interface (HMI) infotainment system and panoramic sunroof. The front seats feature Volvo’s specially-contoured design for utmost comfort and ergonomics, with full-electric adjustment with memory, as well as massage function. All seats offer high-levels of comfort with regards to lumbar, thigh, neck and back support, as long as four occupants is the case. The large windows, along with the large panoramic sunroof add to the roomy and spacious Scandinavian design of the interiors of the Volvo XC60. For more info on Volvo XC60  check Changeonslapac

The XC60 carries over most of the interior elements from the 90 series vehicles from Volvo in terms of knobs, controls systems and aggregates, with the main change coming in the form of a new wood inlay. The SUV features a wood inlay across the width of the dashboard and in the centre console. The inlay feels premium and soft, while offering a bit of coarseness to add to the overall ruggedness of the XC60. Volvo Auto India is offering the XC60 with three interior colour options – Amber, Maroon Brown and Blond. The cabin of the SUV has been well-insulated to isolate all noises arising out of the engine, tyres and wind. This is in addition to the non-existence of any form of vibration and harshness, making the cabin almost as quiet as that of a petrol vehicle.

Volvo XC60 Engine

The new Volvo XC60 is powered by the same engine found in the XC90 and the V90 Cross Country models. This is the 1,969 cc, four-cylinder, twin-turbo D5 diesel engine that delivers a maximum power of 235 hp at 4,000 rpm, along with 480 Nm of peak torque from 1,750-2,250 rpm. The engine is mated to the eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission from Aisin Seiki, Japan, with steering-mounted paddle shifters and features an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. The XC60 is offered with four driving modes that the driver can choose from – Comfort, Eco, Dynamic and Off-Road, which enables them to transform the characteristics of engine feedback, transmission, steering and suspension according to the road conditions.

This engine features Volvo’s Power Pulse Technology, which essentially spools up the turbo instantly and deleting any turbo lag that would be experienced from a stop-go situation. Power Pulse technology features an electrically-driven compressor and a pressured air tank. Fresh air is taken from the air filter, and then compressed and stored in the pressurised tank. When the vehicle is accelerated rapidly, the compressed air is released from the tank into the exhaust manifold, feeding the turbo and creating an instant spool up. Additionally, the air in the pressurised tank is topped up automatically, ensuring that Power Pulse is always ready to deliver a new boost.

This Power Pulse technology provides the illusion of driving a naturally-aspirated car, due to the extremely linear manner in which power is delivered when required. The eight-speed automatic transmission and the engine combine to offer an ample amount of power to the XC60, making the drive dynamic when needed. The driving modes offer a good level of variation in the feedback offered for each mode, making the vehicle performance apt for various driving conditions.

Volvo XC60 Riding

The XC60’s air suspension is an absolute delight. In Dynamic mode, it stiffens up and the car remains very stable at high speeds. On broken roads though, this setting lets you feel the unevenness of the road surface in the cabin. But, in the city, switch to Comfort and the the ride becomes plush. The SUV starts to glide over broken roads or speed breakers. This does make the ride a little bouncy. There’s not much vertical movement in the body, but a bit of side to side movement over potholes is felt.

Out on the highways, it’s better to stay put in Dynamic mode, or at least that setting of the suspension as it restricts body roll and keeps the SUV planted to the ground. Off-road mode lifts the car up by 50mm to help it tackle obstacles. The max clearance of the XC60 is rated at 223mm, which is impressive, but even with AWD, our little experience says it’s better suited for tarmac. The steering feels quite light in the city, especially in the Comfort mode, but gains weight proportionally as the speeds increase. Feedback from the tyres is not all that great but given that it is a luxury SUV, we have no real complaints here.

Another very important aspect of the Volvo XC60’s personality is its radar-based guidance systems. Wherever there are proper lane markings, the SUV will prevent you from accidentally driving into other lanes by providing a small vibration on the steering wheel and a slight amount of resistance. If a lane change is made after first switching on an indicator, this system intelligently does not activate.Book Volvo XC60 Test Drive.

Volvo XC60 Safety

Like we already know that Volvo takes the safety of their occupants seriously and the upcoming XC60 will get plenty of Active and passive safety features to save its occupants from any danger.

The 2018 model year XC60 will get automatic steering assistance or support which will help avoid potential collisions. This life-saving feature will make the XC60 one of the safest car on the road. The City safety system has also updated in the XC60 which engages the automatic brakes, but the car will also provide steering assistance to the driver and avoid contact with the oncoming obstacle, vehicle or pedestrians. The steering support system is activated and efficient an speeds of 50-100 km/h mark. Volvo has also included the Oncoming Lane Mitigation system.

Volvo XC60 Price in Chennai

Volvo Xc60 On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 63,69,275 to 72,08,269 for variants XC60 Momentum and XC60 Inscription respectively. Volvo Xc60 is available in 2 variants and 4 colours. Below are details of Volvo Xc60 variants price in Chennai. View offers on Volvo Xc60 at Autozhop.

Volvo XC60 Verdict

From our first drive of the all-new XC60, it is clear that Volvo Cars is focussed on continuing to keep the premium SUV as a high-selling model in its vehicle range. The powertrain option, technology features, comfort and safety equipment and levels of luxury make the XC60 a very compelling choice, when compared to competitors that come in the form of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC SUVs.

The vehicle’s launch price tag of Rs 55.9 lakh also makes it look like a good value proposition as a standalone product, but may be considered premium when compared to a couple of competitors. However, as a vehicle carrying so many features unchanged from models that form the top-end of the company’s line-up, the XC60 could be poised to receive much interest from those in the market looking at purchasing a five-seater SUV in the premium segment.

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