Tips To Help You Recover Faster From A Tummy Tuck Surgery

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This is major surgery and it takes time to ease into your daily life, but if you follow the doctor’s instructions and be more mindful of your recovery routine, you will be back to your normal life in no time, of course with a tighter and trimmer tummy!
Most doctors give a six weeks tummy tuck surgery recovery timeline to get back to work and exercise, in other words, their daily routine life.

Here are 7 Tips to help you Recover Faster from a Tummy Tuck Surgery

1. Follow your doctor’s advice-

Reduce your chances of complications from a tummy tuck cosmetic surgery by following the doctor’s advice to the tee! To know more information on Tummy Tuck check Trauma2011
Postoperative instructions are there for a reason, to protect you and also ensure a good cosmetic outcome so, it goes without saying that you need to follow a specific set of instructions to get back on track quickly.

2. Arrange for a helping hand-

You need a helping hand to move around and perform small simple tasks. For two days you may not be able to stand straight let alone move around, so get help for the first couple of days so that you don’t overtire yourself and recover quickly.

3. Get some rest –

Adequate rest is very important to try and get as much as rest as possible, Get in 2-3 pillows behind your head and a pillow under your knees. This will give your body the rest it needs, to recover fully.

4. Eat nutritious food-

Eating right accelerates your healing process. Make sure you add the right kind of foods, like dark leafy greens with pineapple and other vitamin-C rich foods which will nourish your body and help to heal faster.
Also, avoid foods such as cabbage and beans which might cause flatulence and bloating issues. Avoid snacking on salty foods too, also remember to stay hydrated.

5. Quit smoking-

Wound healing is severely compromised when you smoke as the surgery- caused severed blood vessels can suddenly close and cause detrimental effects. It is absolutely imperative that patients quit smoking for at least 4 to 6 weeks before the surgery so it does not affect their recovery.

6. Keep the circulation going-

Gentle walking is crucial, for recovery after surgery for a tummy tuck as it reduces the risk of blood clot formation. It coerces up your body to the road to recovery and keeps the tissues relaxed and soft. It also helps to subside the swelling. But you should not do, too much too soon, as it might cause more harm to your body than good.
You also need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity and allow yourself enough time to get the required amount of sleep and rest.

7. Do not rush things-

You need to take time off from work for at least two weeks. Yes, you need that two weeks of rest after surgery as you will be too tired and sore if you return to work too early. You need to avoid causing needless tension to the wound and delay wound healing.
Now that you know the various ways to speed up healing, make sure you follow the same to recover from the surgery and come back stronger and fitter than before with a trim tummy to boot!
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