Alternatives For The H-1B For Nurses

H1B Sponsorship

The H-1B, while a very popular nonimmigrant visa, is not the only method that nurses can use to work in the U.S.

Here are some prominent alternatives:

TN visa:

If you are a registered nurse from either Canada or Mexico, the NAFTA treaty visa may be a great way to go. This visa boasts several advantages over the

H-1B, such as the fact that there is no annual cap and being able to renew your visa indefinitely. Check for H1B Visa Process in orphosyscorp.

L-1 visa:

This visa is for the managers, executives, and specialized employees of multinational companies. This may seem irrelevant at first, but if you are a nursing manager who works for an organization that has a presence in the U.S. and overseas, you may qualify for this visa.

EB-2 green card:

If you are interested in living in the U.S. permanently, you can have an employer file an I-140 petition on your behalf. For the EB-2, you will need to have an advanced degree or be able to demonstrate that you have exceptional ability in your field.

EB-3 green card:

Also making use of the I-140 petition, the EB-3 is a good option for nurses because it is designed for bachelor’s degree holders as well as skilled and unskilled workers.

If you are looking to get a green card for nurses, you will need to take your priority date into account, which may add a significant amount to your processing time. Speak with your immigration attorney if you would like to make the transition from H-1B to green card status.

How Much Does the H-1B Visa Cost?

The basic fees for an H-1B for nurses in 2017 are as follows:

A. I-129 basic filing fee – $460

B. ACWIA fee – $750-$1,500

C. Anti-fraud fee – $500

D. Public Law fee – $4,000

E. DS-160 visa (for consular processing) – $190

F. Attorney fee – these vary from firm to firm. See our fees here.

Keep in mind that, while this may seem expensive, your employer will be responsible for most of these fees.For more information on H1B Visa check Aspnetmenu

The only fees that you may need to pay are the DS-160 fee as well as the attorney fee and the premium processing fee. Work alongside your immigration attorney to ensure that all H-1B fees are filed properly.

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