3 Benefits Why Agile Development Makes Sense For Your Business

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There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t hear someone question me on ‘Agile’; the new kid on the block. Being an Agile evangelist has its own perks and one of them is being treated as living and walking encyclopedia on Agile.

The recent one being; “So, is Agile the latest Fad in the Industry?” was the first question which I encountered during one of my ‘Agile Workshops’. The room was filled with people who’ve had Agile forced on them and haven’t figured out what it means to them.

They were there to attend the workshop only because they were forced by the management to do so and some of them were there just because they were curious to know about this term ‘Agile’ which was used everywhere.

We agree that within a gap of few years in Information Technology, a new messiah appears who claims that some new ideas are going to revolutionize the industry.

Industry experts from each of these newly introduced ideas have claimed that the new method will be the answer to the universe.

Same applies to Agile; Industry veterans say that Agile is the best-suited methodology for running ‘fast and efficient’ projects.For Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad check Vivid Digital.

But the questions are: Do we compromise on quality for speed? Does the so-called Agile Mantra really exists or is it more of a hype? Who really benefits from this whole ‘Agile’ way of working?

Well, based solely on personal experience, we stand by all the arguments for using an Agile approach. There is a very famous quote which we connect to today’s industry; “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney”.

We have worked on both Agile as well as traditional waterfall projects, both from developers and managerial perspective. Based on my experience, we firmly believe that Agile is the new door today which is fast becoming the preferred way to manage projects.

Reasons why agile development makes sense for your business

1. Break away from assumptions

In a highly competitive world, assumptions can break your business. Yet, there is so much data around that can assist business owners to make the right decision and, more importantly, you can gain a lot of insight by assessing that data from current processes and every new process (think feature) built going forward.

This is where agile takes flight – solve one problem now, not all of them, and use the new data to assess the impact of that solution and to inform the decision for the next phase of your project.

On that note, it sometimes makes sense to overlap the solutions you are implementing because waiting for data from the first solution might stagnate the project, which is frustrating for everyone including the developers.

2. Build fast, fix fast

This leads me to a very important foundation of agile. As the name alludes to, you need to get going quickly and be able to react quickly.

This doesn’t mean we can pivot at every opportunity, but it does mean that we’re not stuck on train tracks going in the wrong direction (often the direction you need to be going in isn’t always clear at the onset – I can give you a ton of examples of this if you ask in the comments).

So how does this look? In agile, we use user stories to define a problem that needs to be solved (more on this in a later post).For Social Media Marketing Company in London visit Vivid SEO.

The user story won’t be: “As a business owner, I want to consolidate my accounting, ecommerce platform, WMS and billing platform into one system”. The reason is that it would take months to build and hundreds of meetings to clarify exactly how the system should work.

So, how do we improve that user story? How do we build fast? What you’d want to do is look at what is causing a big headache right now. What is wasting your time?

An example could be: “As an accountant, I want to have all orders from the ecommerce platform generate an invoice on our accounting platform, so that I don’t waste days every month recording it manually”.

A developer can quickly see what needs to be done and, with a small amount of clarity, can get that feature implemented. This gives you prompt results whilst planning the next important user stories.

Another great feature is that you can also fix a feature early on as you can see exactly how it will work without it getting lost in a list of a hundred other new features that were released.

So maybe we couldn’t just generate an invoice with one line item and we need to actually itemise the invoice for auditing purposes.

3. Don’t waste money on hopes and dreams

We have seen this happen over and over again. Sadly, we have had a couple of client projects which were massive and had a lot of money thrown at them.

Either they have stagnated because they’re not really solving problems or they’re doing alright… well the 20% of the system that is being used that is.

With agile you’re not committing to a year’s worth of work or a predefined specification. You’re committing to solve each problem as you go. Your objective is to improve your business to a point where you are happy and the development team’s objective is to make sure that those problems are actually being solved.

As a business owner, don’t be surprised if you’re now a couple years down the road already but are extremely happy as your business is flying and you’re getting home to your family before the sun goes down.To know more information on SEO Services check Kazembassy

Final Word

These three reasons define why we believe agile development makes sense. It’s positioned to make sure that true value is delivered on an ongoing basis and a tight partnership is formed between the business and the development team.

It’s often the case that there is a passionate desire in the development team to see the project reach goals and milestones.

It’s taking away that “we never agreed to do this” and changing it to “let’s see if this is good for your business and then let’s find out how soon we can implement it”.

If you’re wanting to build any sort of system or web application, I would highly recommend finding developers that only apply the agile development methodology to client projects. Agile development makes sense for every business.

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